• Study Finds Expanded Medicaid Increases Health Care Use, The New York Times, May 1,2013One of the first articles to cover the results of in-person health screenings.
  • The Dollars and Cents of Saving Lives, The Portland Tribune, 2012This story covers the Qualitative Arm of the Oregon Health Study.
  • Oregon Study Shows Benefits, and Price, for Newly Insured, The New York Times, 2012Covers the Qualitative Arm: what did interviewees say?


  • The Oregon Experiment — Effects of Medicaid on Clinical Outcomes  This paper summarizes results from the 24-month in-person health screenings.  For more information, contact us.
  • The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment: Evidence from the First YearThis paper summarizes results from the 12-month mail surveys.
  • The Effects of Medicaid Coverage   Learning from the Oregon ExperimentA Perspective piece offering insights into Year One results.
  • What the Oregon Health Study can tell us about expanding MedicaidDescribes the study and the demographic characteristics of participants