Exploring the realm of online Canadian pharmacies reveals a blend of convenience and caution. As consumers seek cost-effective and reliable sources for their medications, Canadian pharmacies often come to the forefront. In this detailed review, we’ll dissect five well-known Canadian pharmacies. Our goal is to provide you with a thorough understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, customer feedback, and historical context.

Evaluation Criteria Used by the Oregon Health Study

The Oregon Health Study evaluated and compiled this list of Canadian pharmacies using a rigorous and systematic approach. The evaluation criteria were based on several key factors to ensure reliability, affordability, and quality of service.

  1. Firstly, the study assessed the regulatory compliance of each pharmacy, ensuring they are licensed and accredited by reputable organizations such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). This step was crucial to verify the legitimacy and safety of the pharmacies.
  2. Secondly, customer reviews and feedback were analyzed to gauge user satisfaction. The study looked at various online platforms and forums where real customers shared their experiences, focusing on both positive and negative reviews.
  3. Thirdly, the pricing of medications was compared across different pharmacies. The goal was to identify those that offered significant cost savings without compromising on the quality of the products. This involved a detailed comparison of common prescription medications.
  4. Fourthly, the quality of customer service was evaluated. The study examined the availability of support, responsiveness, and the helpfulness of the pharmacy staff. This included testing customer service channels through direct inquiries and noting the efficiency and professionalism of the responses.
  5. Lastly, shipping times and reliability were considered. The study reviewed the average shipping times, consistency of delivery, and any reported issues with receiving orders. This helped in assessing the dependability of the pharmacies in terms of delivering medications on time.

By combining these factors, the Oregon Health Study ensured that the listed pharmacies were not only cost-effective but also reliable and safe for consumers. This thorough approach provides a balanced and comprehensive evaluation, guiding users to make informed decisions about their medication purchases online.

1. Walgreens

Walgreens is a household name in the pharmaceutical industry, but their online presence as a Canadian pharmacy is not as straightforward. Known primarily as a major American pharmacy chain, Walgreens offers a range of medications and health products. Their online service extends to Canada, providing access to their extensive inventory.

This company is active all over the world thanks to a sufficient amount of warehouses placed all over the world. The order placement process is simple, quick and intuitive, which makes the website accessible for both adults and the elderly.

  • Three ways to place an order: by phone, via fax, or online;
  • All customers agree that there are no hidden costs or additional payments;
  • Works in cooperation with a team of skilled pharmacists;
  • Online medical consultations and answer your questions seven days a week (the hours of operation are pointed out at the website);
  • They have a live chat for immediate help;
  • A wide range of generics and brand medications for low prices;
  • They never sell brand meds without your relevant prescription information;
  • There are pet medications in the catalog.

That’s a safe online store where you can shop for reliable and cost-effective meds. You’ll have to register before you’re allowed to proceed with the order.

Walgreens, traditionally recognized as a major American pharmacy chain, has extended its services into Canada, offering an extensive inventory online.


  • Reputation and Trust: Walgreens has built a solid reputation over decades, known for reliable service and high-quality products.
  • Extensive Product Range: From prescription medications to over-the-counter products and health supplements, the variety is impressive.
  • Customer Service: Multiple support options, including live chat and phone support, ensure customer queries are promptly addressed.


  • Higher Prices: Compared to other Canadian pharmacies, Walgreens often has higher prices, potentially offsetting the cost benefits of buying from Canada.
  • Availability Issues: Some medications available in the U.S. might not be available for Canadian customers, limiting choices.

Customer Feedback: Many users appreciate the convenience and broad product range but are often frustrated by the higher prices and occasional shipping delays. For instance, a user on a popular review site mentioned, “Walgreens has everything I need, but I sometimes wonder if the extra cost is worth the convenience.”

Final Thoughts: Walgreens stands as a reliable, albeit pricier, option. It’s ideal for those who value convenience and a broad selection, though budget-conscious shoppers might find better deals elsewhere.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.walgreens.com

2. Canadian Pharmacy Medstore

Canadian pharmacy medstore positions itself as a trustworthy source for affordable medications. They emphasize cost savings and accessibility.

That’s one of the most influential companies in the pharmaceutical market. This is a large all-purpose drugstore on the Internet. The team offers a full-fledged service in addition to the extensive range of products from the suppliers that can be trusted. They offer the following:

  • Low prices for brand prescription medications;
  • International online consultation service;
  • Lower prices for loyal customers;
  • Reduced prices for bulk purchases and pill packs;
  • Cost-effective generic pills;
  • Systems of regular notifications about refills for those who undergo treatment courses against chronic conditions;
  • Urgent help, ethic attitude, and security of your data;
  • Bonus pills with every order;
  • Free sample pills with every order.

What makes this exact pharmacy so popular in comparison to the competitors is its positive experience of more than 20 years. Canadian Pharmacy Medstore will find a proper solution for you in case if you’re pressed on budget and have no ideas on how to save on your regular treatment and stay on the safe side.


  • Competitive Pricing: Offers significant savings on various medications, appealing to budget-conscious customers.
  • Straightforward Prescription Service: Easy-to-follow process for submitting prescriptions, enhancing accessibility.
  • Knowledgeable Customer Support: Staff are well-trained and responsive, providing reliable assistance.


  • Shipping Times: Longer shipping times can be a drawback, especially for those needing medications urgently.
  • Limited Availability: Not all medications are available, which can be a limitation for some users.

Customer Feedback: Generally positive, with many praising the affordability and helpful customer service. A recurring theme in reviews is the value for money, with one customer noting, “I save hundreds on my prescriptions each year, and the service is top-notch.”

Final Thoughts: Canadian Medstore is a strong contender for those looking to save on prescription costs, with the trade-off being longer shipping times and a potentially limited selection.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.ceruleanrx.com

3. Quality Prescription Drugs

Quality Prescription Drugs focuses on providing high-quality medications at reasonable prices. They emphasize safety and reliability in their offerings.

Another powerhouse in the market of online drugs. They focus on chronic conditions in patients of all ages, and they are ready to provide you with relevant and useful information based on your prescription. They offer:

  • A personal approach including better deals for the regular orders;
  • Saving up to 80% on regular prescription medications;
  • Transparent pricing;
  • Safety, security, and full control of your data both on the website and in conversations with the online staff members;
  • Big choice of treatments against men’s sexual health problems;
  • Through reviews of every order and free consultations.

The warehouses are situated in Australia, Canada, India, NZ, Singapore, UK, US. Available only for the citizens of the United States and Canada. Perfect for disabled patients because skilled staff members also provide telemedicine services. The only thing that makes this pharmacy worse, than the competitors, is customer support.


  • Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control measures ensure that products meet high safety standards.
  • Affordable Prices: Offers medications at competitive prices without compromising on quality.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Known for its helpful and responsive support team.


  • Website Usability: The website’s user interface can be cumbersome, potentially frustrating users.
  • Shipping Delays: Some customers report delays in receiving their orders.

Customer Feedback: Reviews are generally favorable, with customers highlighting the quality of medications and the support they receive. However, usability issues and shipping delays are common complaints. A customer shared, “The quality of the drugs is excellent, but navigating the website can be a bit of a hassle.”

Final Thoughts: Quality Prescription Drugs is ideal for those prioritizing quality and safety, though the user experience and shipping times could see improvement.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.qualityprescriptiondrugs.com

4. Northwest Pharmacy

Northwest Pharmacy is known for its extensive catalog and competitive pricing. They claim to offer significant savings compared to U.S. prices.

The company has its warehouses only in Canada. They work worldwide. It’s one of the oldest companies, which launched the service in 1999. They work in collaboration with licensed pharmacists in Ontario. Here’s what they offer:

  • Prescription meds and OTC drugs for Canadian residents and all over the world;
  • Regular notifications about your treatment schedule;
  • Free shipping for orders from over $89 in Canada and $150 across the globe;
  • Use the delivery method of their choice to promote security;
  • Convenient mobile applications that you can use to place an order or track your parcel;
  • Delivery guarantee.

Advpharmacy.com demands your relevant prescription information that you can fill in online. They urge their clients to be prompt and honest because the management will have to contact your physician to make sure the chosen meds are appropriate and safe for you.


  • Extensive Catalog: Offers a broad selection of medications, covering various health needs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Significant savings compared to U.S. prices, making it a popular choice.
  • Positive Customer Support: Frequently praised for its responsive and helpful customer service.


  • Verification Process: The initial verification process can be cumbersome for new users.
  • Shipping Times: Similar to other international pharmacies, shipping can take longer than expected.

Customer Feedback: Customers often praise the extensive selection and cost savings. However, the verification process and shipping times can be sources of frustration. One review mentioned, “The prices are unbeatable, but getting started was a bit of a hassle with all the verification steps.”

Final Thoughts: Northwest Pharmacy offers a broad selection and competitive pricing, making it a top choice for many. The detailed verification process and shipping times are trade-offs to consider.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.northwestpharmacy.com

5. Medications Canada

Medications Canada aims to provide affordable and safe medications to its customers. They focus on transparency and customer trust.

This pharmacy is gradually becoming a popular choice among consumers. With thousands of positive customer reviews backing it, the pharmacy is continuously evolving towards a healthier future. Here’s a look at what they offer:

  • Brand and generic medications available for worldwide distribution.
  • Solutions for men’s health issues and women’s sexual health.
  • Comprehensive general healthcare treatment plans.
  • Everyday customer support, though some clients note difficulty in reaching management due to high demand.
  • Official CIPA accreditation.
  • Secure credit card payment options.

Consider this online drugstore your reliable partner, supporting you both financially and physically. They prioritize your health and offer secure telemedicine services free of charge whenever needed.


  • Transparency: Provides clear information about pricing and shipping, fostering trust.
  • Affordable Prices: Competitive pricing makes medications accessible to a broader audience.
  • Reliable Customer Service: Known for its responsive and helpful support team.


  • Limited Availability: Some medications may not be available.
  • Shipping Delays: Shipping can take longer than expected, which can be inconvenient for urgent needs.

Customer Feedback: Generally positive, with many appreciating the affordability and transparency. However, as with other Canadian pharmacies, shipping times can be a concern. A user commented, “I love the clear pricing and service, but sometimes the wait for my meds can be a bit too long.”

Final Thoughts: MedicationsCanada.com is a trustworthy option for affordable medications, with clear pricing and reliable service. Shipping delays are a common drawback, but overall, it provides a good balance of cost and quality.

Visit the website for more information: https://www.medicationscanada.com

Precautions When Using Online Pharmacies

While Canadian online pharmacies can offer significant savings, it’s crucial to approach them with caution. Here are some essential precautions to consider:

  1. Verify Legitimacy: Ensure the pharmacy is licensed and accredited by reputable organizations like the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).
  2. Read Reviews: Customer reviews can provide insights into the pharmacy’s reliability and customer service.
  3. Beware of Too-Good-To-Be-True Prices: Extremely low prices can be a red flag for counterfeit or expired medications.
  4. Understand Shipping Times: Plan ahead, knowing that shipping from Canada can take longer.
  5. Consult Your Doctor: Always consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new medication.

In conclusion, online Canadian pharmacies can offer valuable savings and quality medications. However, thorough research and caution are crucial to ensure safety and reliability. By following these precautions, you can take advantage of the benefits these pharmacies offer while minimizing potential risks.

How to Use Online Pharmacies?

Using online pharmacies can be incredibly convenient, but it’s essential to know how to navigate these digital health hubs properly to ensure safety and efficiency. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use online pharmacies effectively.

First, always start with research. Not all online pharmacies are created equal, and the internet is rife with fraudulent sites. Look for pharmacies that are licensed and accredited by reputable organizations such as the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA). This accreditation ensures that the pharmacy adheres to high standards of safety and quality.

Next, check for a valid prescription requirement. Legitimate online pharmacies will always require a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. If a site offers to sell you prescription medication without one, consider it a red flag. This requirement protects you by ensuring that the medications are appropriate for your health condition and prescribed by a professional who understands your medical history.

Another critical step is reading customer reviews and testimonials. Real feedback from other users can provide insights into the pharmacy’s reliability, customer service, and shipping times. Look for consistent positive comments about the quality of products and the responsiveness of the customer service team. However, be wary of reviews that seem overly positive or fake.

When you find a pharmacy that meets these criteria, explore their product range and pricing. Online pharmacies often offer significant savings on medications, but extremely low prices can sometimes indicate counterfeit products. Compare prices with other reputable sites to ensure you’re getting a fair deal without compromising on quality.

Payment security is another crucial aspect. Ensure that the website uses secure encryption technology to protect your financial information. Look for HTTPS in the URL and security seals from recognized organizations.

Shipping policies are also important to review. Check the estimated delivery times and shipping costs. Some pharmacies offer expedited shipping for an additional fee, which can be beneficial if you need your medication quickly. Additionally, review the return and refund policies to understand your options if there’s an issue with your order.

Customer service availability is a significant factor. Ensure that the pharmacy has reliable customer support that you can contact easily. This can be through phone, email, or live chat. Good customer service can assist you with any questions about your medications or issues with your order.