• Mail Survey begins: 70,000 baseline and 10,000 6-month follow-up surveys are mailed.


  • Mail Survey continues: 70,000 1-year follow-up surveys are mailed.
  • In-person interviews and health screenings begin.


  • In-person health screening and interviews wrap up: over 12,000 people interviewed.
  • First article published in Health Affairs.


  • Social Determinants of Health data collection begins:  researchers collect data on active living potential and food availability for OHS participants in the Portland Metropolitan Area
  • Qualitative Arm data collection begins:  researchers conduct over 600 in-depth interviews with OHS participants
  • 2011 mail survey conducted


  • Results of 12-month mail survey data published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics
  • 2012 mail survey conducted


  • Social Determinants of Health data analysis completed; results published by end of year
  • Qualitative Arm data analysis completed; results published by end of year
  • 2013 mail survey conducted